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In this post, which we haven’t finished writing up yet, we described what we, at least, are looking for, and perhaps some of our readers are looking for as well.

How much is WPBeginner like this? We’ll soon know.

This letter has just been sent to WPBeginner using the email form on its website.

It refers to a minor matter – sometimes our posts are shown as being posted at a certain time on a certain date, when they weren’t posted at the time shown on the date shown at all, which we would like fixed.

WPBeginner purports, of course, to have all the answers to all the questions we could possibly have about creating blogs and websites with WordPress, and so the answer to this question is presumably somewhere in amongst all their stuff, so four questions are raised.

Firstly, does WPBeginner have any people to go through all their stuff and locate the answer to this question for us? or are we expected to search through all their stuff ourselves? As we’ve said, we’ll soon know the answer to this question.

Secondly, if WPBeginner doesn’t have any such people, are there any such people anywhere who we could pay to search through all the WPBeginner stuff to find the answer, or is the only option for us to do it ourselves.

Thirdly, if there aren’t any such people we could pay, are there ever likely to be any.

Fourthly, perhaps there are others who are easier to deal with than WPBeginner, and if so, who are they?

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A 23 Nov. 2019 update: Within a few hours of the letter set out above being sent to WPBeginner, this was received from a Jeremy Roberts, describing himself as a “Technical Support Specialist,” using the ordinary email address, support@wpbeginner.com, which was helpful enough.

So, it appears that WPBeginner does have people available to answer our questions – which would appear to make it a valuable resource for those authoring WordPress blogs and websites.

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